Day 30

Back to School


The time will come (I’m counting weeks rather than months) when school starts again and maternity leave ends. I vaguely remember what work is. My students have kept in touch and I look forward to seeing them.

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Day 29


Out of my comfort zone, where I spend a good chunk of my time, near shops selling loose products, markets selling fresh vegetables, how would I fare.

I present: y Bala. I have struggled here. My lovely mother had a meltdown in the high-street only a few years ago and begged me not to ‘be extreme’ since I wanted to give the plastic packaging back to the supermarket. But I do think the world around me is extreme. And now, thanks David Attenbourgh, Mam will buy the most expensive carrots (marginally more expensive) rather than pick the plastic sack of carrots – and she’s persuading her circuit training friends to do the same. LOVE LOVE. She has arranged with the local butcher to take in her own Tupperwear too.

How things change. So, my intention is not to struggle but to find solutions.

I had the loveliest afternoon and this is what I found:

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Day 28

The last straw

91A8FB06-F768-4DFB-AF86-30A4E09BE0CFEither my Doula or Midwife said that part of the kit I needed for the birth was a straw. I haven’t ever bought such things. So, why a straw? Because it’s important to keep hydrated in the early stages of contractions, and easy to gulp rather than sip.  With a straw, we sip. I had to buy straws, or get my hands on one.

if it wasn’t for this, I would not have bought the reusable straws (from the wonderful BabiPur again) but there’s something about birth and motherhood – your trusted midwife says you need something and you just get it. I figured that my child would enjoy them more than I would, in the future, and I imagined them picking their colour with friends for tea. Read More »

Day 27

I have felt defeated. People have written to me with their ‘can’t’ and own defeats. There is only one thing to do when you’re faced with options of various quantities of plastic. You can’t stop eating, driving, doing what you love. But you can ask people to change. Always ask.A800FCCC-E9D1-4EDD-8BDD-C3329E115F0D

So, I want to celebrate and congratulate what asking can achieve. Mid-June, the writer Horateo Clare wrote to National Geographic Kids asking to change something that had already passed my mind in a ‘now that I’m a parent, I’m going to have to deal with…’ way. Here’s what he was asking for:Read More »

Day 26

Guess what arrived? My ZERO WASTE CLUB and PLASTIC FREE PANTRY delivery. Zero-Waste might involve less mail-order and internet purchases because well, it’s more packaging isn’t it? So is this worth it?


They both arrived in the allotted slot of time according to what they’d informed me of in advance. In fact, they arrived in the same delivery van but I did order both on the same evening.

They came in re-purposed boxes with cardboard waste instead of bubble wrap and even – joy – paper tape rather than sellotape (read ‘plastic tape’).

This, as you can see, makes for exciting photography. Here’s my tea to make up for it…Read More »

Day 25

As many know, I started my OHNE exploration with my own wardrobe. From there, I re-considered all purchases – anything that comes into my home including what my bath was made of.  Next on the list: baby’s clothes. I don’t want to say he has a wardrobe: that sounds to fashion-y for a baby for me, maybe precious. Erm.
I will do my damnedest to introduce the best of the world to this little one – it is, kind of, my job. And that includes not buying our everyday things from companies who damage the planet or harm people’s lives.
F9A8C9E8-9552-454E-9574-A8A902238526(Yes this is his bum looking all baby-cute tiny-feet in one of the best gifts ever – Duns Green Park Life trousers  and Frugi more-than-you-can-believe-soft blanket.)

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Day 24

Looking inside the bathroom closet

D67EB6C8-38EF-40E7-9C7E-403CF1D70CB8What we see:

Bue glass bottles and jars re-used and filled with home-made products like baby soap/shampoo, hand cream, toothepaste, lip balm.

Things I still have / gifts that are in plastic but on checking, all recyclable at least.

Oils to make more home products, essential oils, Bach flowers, safety razor, nail brush, dental floss.

Things I make myself: in tiny recycled jam jars. I use aragon oil I bought in Les Cevennes in a huge bottle last summer, decanted, or so so so many things,

On that note: I think I missed out ‘dental floss’ from the bathroom item on day 5. I am re-visiting personal care so let’s start there:Read More »